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Veronica Leone

Online, In-person
Tulsa,  OK  74133

Professional statement

Hi there!People of every variety struggle with knowing what they really want. They feel lost because they have not discovered their life's "true purpose". Or they feel plain stuck — stuck from a lack of inspiration, stuck in fear or overwhelmment, or stuck trying to find motivation. I offer a wide variety of modalities that can shed a lot of light on your own personal obstacles. I use Chinese energy healing to clear karma, delete negative limiting beliefs, reduce fear, and put you in touch with yourself. I also use the Human Design system to provide an energetic blueprint for you that teaches you what decision making process works best for you. I also have intuitive gifts (we all do) that provide additional support and guidance. I sprinkle in IET, NLP, and EFT too.Overly simplified: I help you connect with yourself. Discover your passions, connect with your spirit guides, distinguish what is genuinely you verses societal conditioning, and create enough energy for you to step off the proverbial cliff and dive into the life you want.I invite you to reach out to me if you think we may be a good fit. May you have an abundance of health and joy.Enjoy right now.<3 Veronica

  • Certificate in Dispute Resolution
  • Certificate in Alchemist's Arts Healing


  • University of Texas @ Austin - Bachelor of Science; Communications
  • Pepperdine University School of Law - Juris Doctorate

$1111.00 per appointment

Category : Coaching
Subcategory : Life



Month-long Coaching Package

Appointment Length

2 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

This is a month long coaching package that includes at least three in-person (or via zoom if remote) one-on-one sessions a week with me. You get have access to all of my services which include: an in-depth human design reading, a tarot session, energetic healing which includes karma clearing, psychic cord cutting, past-lives energy clearing, aura strengthening, and chakra clearing, as well as connecting with spirit guides, your animal totem, starseed families, and potential mediumship. We will also take a look into many of your negative limiting beliefs and begin subconscious reprogramming and energetic clearing of those as well.

This is simply an option for those who want to take a deep dive and do all. of. the. things. I will provide you with so many resources and materials to work on beyond our month together.

Service Requirements

The human design reading requires your exact time of birth, and birth place.

I recommend you book the free 15-minute discovery call prior to selecting this package if we have not worked together before as many of my practices are energetic and do not make sense to the logical 3D mind, best to set clear expectations. :)


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