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Ronda Bonfanti


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Hi there! I'm Ronda Bonfanti and my coaching journey stemmed from my struggle with food and negative body image. In search of peace, I discovered Intuitive Eating and ended my lifelong battle with chronic dieting. Learning to value myself beyond a number on a scale set me on a path of discovery to seek greater understanding of what causes people to embrace different mindsets, pursue unhealthy versus healthy behaviors, and create happy, loving relationships.During my work as a coach, I find that many people have identified the thing in life that is stopping them from living their best life and they seek out help to get past that thing. For example, people want to quit smoking, they want to have a better relationship with food, they want to get out of an unhealthy relationship or quit a substance they have been abusing. In my work, I have loved helping people work through their “thing.” But what I’ve found over and over is that the thing is a byproduct of something much greater. It is unresolved hurt from a loss that drives us towards the thing that has become our vice and coping mechanism. When we work together to identify your unresolved grief, then we can solve the manifestations of that hurt as well. Much like the core muscles of the body stabilizing you for every movement you take physically, having a strong emotional core keeps you steady as you move through every stage of life. As a society, we recognize the need to strengthen our muscles. Yet we never stop to think about deliberately strengthening and centering our emotional core so that we can not only overcome things from our past, but also stay prepared to handle what life brings our way. My coaching is built on evidence-based practices which research shows will improve your well-being. Partnering with me as your coach offers recovery from past emotional losses, increased wellness habits, a non-diet approach to nutrition through Intuitive and Mindful Eating, reduced stress by incorporating mindfulness meditation, healthier relationships, and SMART goal setting to support life changes.

  • Intuitive Eating Coach
  • Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator
  • 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work


  • Health and Wellness Coach - Emory University
  • Certified Professional Life Coach - Life Coach Institute of Orange County
  • Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist - The Grief Recovery Institute

$45.00 per appointment

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Subcategory : Weight



Intuitive & Mindful Eating

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0 hour 45 minutes

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Chronic dieting and continual body comparison doesn't support a life of well-being. My coaching offers an approach to nutrition where you return to trusting your body's wisdom. "If you don't love it, don't eat it, and if you love it, savor it." That's Intuitive Eating. We'll also sprinkle in some Mindful Eating, focusing on your senses and slowing down and being fully present at every meal/snack. If you are sick and tired of yo-yo dieting, the anxiety it produces and valuing your self-worth based on your weight, please join me on an Intuitive Mindful Eating journey. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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