Tatiana Cameron

Holistic Life Coach | Certified Chopra Health Teacher | Musician | Author


Professional statement

I am a holistic coach trained and certified through Radiant Coaches Academy (accredited through International Coaches Federation), a certified teacher of Chopra Health© program, currently attending Primordial Sound Meditation© certification training.

As your coach, I will listen to you, guide you, give you tools and prompts – and support you on your path to shift into/ or deepen your conscious-based, mind+body+spirit approach to wellbeing.

I’ve helped clients get through life’s transitions (loss of a spouse/ partner, divorce, empty nest, etc), launch new projects and businesses, and navigate career changes. I also coached a few beautiful souls through difficult times of grief, and into finding joy, happiness, and self confidence after traumatic experiences. It’s an honor to be able to offer guidance on your journey.

Through our coaching sessions, I’ll give you mindfulness/ mindset shift tools, help you develop a meditation practice, and pull tips from Ayurvedic wisdom of mind+body+spirit approach to health and success.

On a Personal Note:
As a music artist I’ve always been driven by a desire to inspire and help people to dig deeper, discover the beauty and joys of life – and not be afraid to look at the challenging parts and feel all of the human feelings. I was nineteen when I found myself on top of an incredibly successful music career, in an industry that wasn’t very kind to young women. I went through many intense and hard (and traumatic) experiences, without tools to process them or the awareness of how it was affecting me emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically in the long term.

I ended up with serious depression, anxiety, panic attacks and an emotional and mental breakdown. I worked with a therapist, and once I was in a healthy place, a coach.

Therapy helped me to heal, and coaching helped me to create a healthy and happy life for me and my family.

Coaching helped me to change the patterns that would get me back into the old learned behavior. It helped me to rediscover who I am and all that I have to offer to the world. It helped me expand, get out of my comfort zones, and build confidence. Coaching has helped me be a better parent, friend, and listener. It’s helped me in serving those on the margins of our society – as a Nashville Peacemakers Board member, and a volunteer at the prison for women where I mentor/coach inmates.

I created an online course “Be a Rockstar of Transformation,” spoke nationwide at numerous conferences and retreats, and facilitated a transformative wellness cruise retreats along the beautiful Adriatic coast in Croatia.

With each new client I see a field of possibilities from which they can create a life that’s both adventurous and calm, and that feels really good in mind, body and soul.


  • Life Coaching Certification - Radiant Coaches Academy
  • Perfect Health and Primordial Sound Meditation Certification - Chopra Center
  • ICF Accreditation (A.C.C.) - Coming Soon