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Restorative Meditation for Self-Care, Ease, and Well-Being (iRest)

Appointment Length

0 hour 35 minutes

Service Description

This personalized Client Session begins with a brief Client interview and a personalized iRest Yoga Nidra practice.

Service Requirements

Personal commitment, an open mind, heart, and willingness to move into greater self-empowerment.


Q: What is Meditation?
A: Meditation is the practice of training our attention so that we can experience being present in our "now" moments; become aware of options beyond our habits; and recognize our conditioned mind so that we can be present in our reality and create from a place of choice.

Q: What is IRest?
A: iRest is based on the ancient teachings of Yoga Nidra meditation. Transformative practices support psychological, physical, and spiritual wholeness and well-being. iRest is an evidence-based, mind-body approach to support and compliment your journey of health, healing and well-being.

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