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1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

Are you looking for a way to tell a different story with your life? A different story in your relationship with your partner? With your children? A different story than the one you grew up with? Then you feel your circumstances or your disability or your mental health or your experiences have forced you into?

Are you looking for more joy? More peace? Do you want to feel more alive?

Then Life Coaching might be for you!

Change is possible – especially when it’s powered by love!

Heather has developed a unique Valued-Based Integration Process that creates a structure of honesty and connection that leads to personal, family and professional transformation.

Together, she will help you uncover your personal values, define those values, and learn how to use those values to process and integrate the stories and messages that create disconnection, anxiety, stress, depression and unprocessed grief in your day to day life. To help you move from surviving to thriving!

Service Requirements

If you are a new client, please complete an intake form at https://forms.gle/hcG3e6d3VkmuSwRx5 prior to your first session.

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