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Is Your Teen Still Depressed After You Have Tried Everything?

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1 hour 30 minutes

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Teen depression is more common than ever before. One of the reasons why I switched careers is b/c of my own teen's depression, suicidal ideation and suicide attempt. It was a very scary, difficult time. I went the mainstream route-psychologist psychiatrist, doctor and standard lab work. What I saw shocked me-that modern medicine has no answers for depression except talking and meds. While this may be a solution for some I have found that for those teens where life is going well, (no bullying, has great friends, no drug issues etc.) all the sitting on a therapists couch and popping pills is never going to get to the root of the issue. I don't look at depression as a disease or an illness but rather as a symptom of underlying root causes and often there are several or more. The key is knowing what to look for, what to test for, how to read lab work, looking at the diet, listening and then knowing what to do to address the root causes.
A teen with depression needs a great deal of family support. When my son was depressed he went days without getting out of bed. I cannot expect a teen to all of sudden change their diet, take this test, take these supplements-he or she will need a lot of support. While I will give it my all, I rely on the parent to follow through on the steps we agree upon.
I am not going to lie, it is not a quick fix such as popping a pill every morning...it takes work...but gradually you start to see that child that you once knew and loved.....much will depend on the teen as well. To be honest, I have seen teens that I know that I can help and can see the root causes, but the teen refuses to do anything and the parents don't want to push the issue. These are the ones I cannot help. What I tell parents, and some do not like this....you are the parent...not your child and I see many of the kids in control...and this becomes an issue. I want to say all this so you can see for yourself if my service is even of any use to you. I know I can help many of these teens but it does take a parent being a parent.

Service Requirements

Please see above for the requirements I expect from a parent of a teen with depression. I cannot help your child otherwise.
In addition to this I require my intake forms returned to me no later than 48 hours prior to the consult. Once I have your email I will send these to you and you will need to scan and email back to me. B/c this is for a teen, often times the parents will need to do the bulk of the paperwork-it will just depend as every situation is different. Ideally on the zoom call if the teen can be present for even part of it but depending on the situation I am okay at working with just the parent too as I know how difficult this can be.

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