Introductory Call - Holistic Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Appointment Length

0 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

This FREE 30-minute session is your first action step to better health for the long haul! Book now to discover how my functional nutrition consulting process will help you find freedom in your relationship with food, overcome your negative mindset towards positive change, and how I will support you with your health challenges and goals.

Find out how this system works to help you stop making excuses and start taking real action!

* Specific diet and lifestyle recommendations will not be made during this call. We will simply determine if this process is a good fit for you.

Service Requirements

This session is recommended for all potential clients. A brief intake form will be provided upon booking and must be completed and submitted 48 hours before your session time. https://forms.gle/XVPnDhmyqkKiaFAb8


Q: Does booking The Introductory Call obligate me to your services?
A: No. It is simply a way to find out more about me and how functional nutrition consulting can support you in your health journey.

Q: Will I be able to start Nutritional Consulting with you once The Introductory Call is complete?
A: If we both decide working together is a good fit, then yes. It may also depend on your specific circumstances and the need to complete a preliminary dietary program before diving deep into your health concerns and history.

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