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Individualized Supplement Recommendation

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Service Description

There are thousands of vitamins, minerals, and supplements available. But which ones do your body need? Well, it varies! It depends on many variables but one factor is your gut health. How well it is functioning will determine what nutrients you are absorbing from food and what additional supplements you might need.

Whether in recovery, living with a chronic condition, or you just want to have a thorough evaluation, our team can analyze your information and create an individualized supplement list.

Service Requirements

The health history and bloodwork results received within the last 3 months are required 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment.

This information gives us the most comprehensive view of your health. Please be as detailed as possible!

Please fill out your intake forms here: https://p.bttr.to/3mVMTOQ
--If you don't have anyone to order the bloodwork for you, after scheduling this service, schedule the free consult appointment via the services page and I will work with the provider of your choice to get this ordered!

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