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On a daily basis we are bombarded with images, narratives and propaganda telling us what to look like, eat, how to dress and how to act. That creates a TON of unrealistic expectations and pressure by anyones standards. In a world where #authentic and #selfcare is quickly becoming a marking ploy aimed at selling products rather than promoting individualized healthier lifestyles, it's time to take back control and truly feel comfortable in our own skin.
Feeling comfortable in our own skin isn't a one size fits all model. It's highly individualized and ever evolving. Let's work together to uncover the various unrealistic expectations influencing you and get you back into a place where your genuinely feel comfortable in your skin.

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Q: Not Quite Sure?
A: If you are not sure if any of my coaching sessions are for you or if you would like to meet me to see if we are a good fit, book a 30-minute consultation! I will go over any questions you might have. We will also cover what each of my coaching sessions consist of and the outcomes you can expect!

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