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Finally Be Heard and Get to the Root of Your Health Issues in 90 Minutes

Appointment Length

1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

I am a holistic nutritionist that works with those who have mental health issues, gut/digestive issues, skin conditions, autoimmune conditions and those who have random symptoms and have been to every specialist and still have no answers.

Service Requirements

I require the intake form, a food journal, and consent form to be completed and returned to me no later than 48 hours prior to your appointment. In addition to this, if you have any lab work from within the past several years, I will want to see this too 48 hours prior to the appointment.


Q: How long does an initial consult last?
A: This depends greatly on the amount of information you provide on the intake form and the severity of your health issue. A typical initial consult lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to almost 3 hours.

Q: How does your pricing work?
A: You can pay by the hour however most of my clients purchase a package of consults which will save you money but also helps you to stay committed to your goals. With the package I send a detailed summary afer each consult so that you do not have to take notes.

Q: How Many consults do I need?
A: On average most of my clients need 4 consults but some do need more. If a person comes to see my one time, and never returns I have not helped them because the first appointment is a discovery appointment and creating your first steps. It is like going to the gym. You may feel great after that first workout but if you never return you will not see long lasting results

Q: What Testing do You do?
A: First I see what testing you have had done, and I listen to you in order to figure out which tests are needed. Some speicalists like to run every test under the sun as soon as you walk in the door. I do not do that. I am aware of how expensive testing can be. If it is tests that you can run through your doctor and is covered under insurance, I will encourage that. However there are numeorus tests that Western medicine does not do and so additonal testing may be warranted. But it varies from person to person. That being said, some of the more frequent tests that I use are food sensitivity, blood work for tests a doctor may not run, a GI stool/gut pathogen test, a cortisol saliva test.

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