Spiritual & Religious


Faith Coaching

Appointment Length

0 hour 50 minutes

Service Description

Have you or a loved one experienced a loss or change in your life that has caused you to question your life's purpose?
Are you asking why God is putting you through this test?
Do you need someone to talk to who will not judge your religious or non-religious views?

Our faith institutions sometimes have clergy that lead in a heavy-handed, guilt-based and judgmental way. I believe in addressing faith issues with compassion and understanding of your personal situation. I realize that we are all on different paths and at different points in our faith journey.

As a chaplain who serves people of all faiths, I will give you all my attention during this 50-minute session to discuss what spiritual or religious struggles you are having. At the end of our session, I will provide my assessment of your situation and if time permits, outline a plan to help you going forward.

Service Requirements

I have a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy from Hartford Seminary. As a multi-faith chaplain intern at Duke Hospital I have served people from all major faith traditions and non-religious backgrounds.

Cost: $50.00
Note: This constitutes coaching, not therapy.

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