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Melissa Homner


Professional statement

I'm Melissa Homner, a completely recovered MS warrior, passionate advocate for individuals who are experiencing complicated health issues and have started to give up hope of recovery. Founder and CEO of Sagebrush Wellness, a team of brilliant Functional Medicine Health Coaches, trauma and spiritual coaches.

Meet Coach Christy. Having overcome her own Meniere's autoimmune disease in 2012, she has since helped over 100 individuals locally and internationally to find their own path to wellness. Her specialty is to listen and read between the lines to discover root cause and to implement change in small ways that can have large impact.

Every member of our team has faced an autoimmune disease and WON! Our foundational belief is that when we maximize what is helpful, minimize what is harmful and prioritize an environment of healing, we create the possibility and probability of the body to recover!

We have been able to help our clients to:
*Sustainably reverse Type II diabetes
*Eliminate the need for cholesterol-reducing medication
*Stop debilitating menopausal symptoms
*Reverse hypertension
*Alleviate life-long constipation, headaches, or eczema
*Sustainably reverse irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s
*Sustainably reverse chronic autoimmune activation
*Stop acid reflux permanently
*End chronic low energy, joint pains, tremors, or congestion
*Eliminate the need for antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications
*Lose weight and keeping it off long-term

We are dedicated practitioners who have completed rigorous training in advanced functional medicine sciences and validated application through serving hundreds of clients.
We have completed intensive study of chronic disease etiology, functional physiology, and evidence-based intervention, along with hands-on clinical practice. We are uniquely qualified to provide individually targeted strategies that address the multifaceted nature of today’s complex health challenges.
The result: root-cause resolution, empowered clients.

We are specifically trained to support clients with these issues:
**Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid/Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid
**Anxiety, Depression and Mood Imbalances
**Asthma, Allergy and Immune Intolerance
**Bone Health, Disease and Dysfunction
**Cancer, before, during and after med treatment
**Cardiovascular Health, Disease and Dysfunction
**Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis
**Headache and Migraine
**Hormone Balance
**Metabolic Dysfunction
**Fertility, Female hormone imbalance
**Toxicity, Detoxification, and Heavy Metals
**Breast implant toxicity, before, during and after surgery care/detox/recovery

We have completed In depth training in nutrients and supplements. All disease processes are interconnected. We are well versed in seeing and mapping these interconnected pieces, simplifying the complex, and creating simple effective steps to allow the client to move from ill to well.

Our goal:
As functional medicine health coaches, our goal is to confidently assess complex disease patterns, inspire our clients to understand what is going on in their bodies and support them as they make lasting change, facilitate deep recovery, and support them as they experience astonishing results.

We use proven-effective support remedies and tools that address symptoms while targeting the root causes of chronic disease in the unique individual. Often, we are able to use this approach to help our clients “head off” more entrenched disease by catching imbalance in the body early and facilitating interventions that bring the body back towards wellness by optimizing the body’s own drive to be well.

Chronic disease has reached epidemic proportions and is crippling the global population and its health care systems. We are dedicated practitioners and provide the best solutions we can within today’s conventional standard of care, a standard which largely aims to alleviate symptoms and treat disease vs. preventing or reversing disease once it is present.

However, lifestyle- and environment-mediated disease, requires a new standard of care if the client is to get well and stay well long-term. This new standard requires the integration of allopathic medicine to assess and, when appropriate, alleviate immediate symptoms, with evidence-based care through the functional medicine lens to address the root causes and provide sustainable short-term and long-term relief from these debilitating conditions.
Each of our coaches have faced their own battle with autoimmune disease and won!

Tests we offer and help our clients understand.
-Food sensitivity testing
-Blood labs (specialty panels available if needed)
-Stool testing
-Hormone testing
-Organics acid testing

  • Integrative Nutritional Health Coach Certificate
  • American Association of Drugless Practioners
  • The Essential Oil Institute


  • The School of Applied Functional Medicine - Functional Medicine Practioner and Health Coach
  • Functional Nutrition Lab Digestive Intensive Graduate - Functional NutritionDigestive Graduate
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition - Integrative Nutritional Health Coach

$149.00 per appointment

Category : Nutrition
Subcategory : Special Diets



Wholly Healthy Kids

Appointment Length

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Service Description

We understand that parents feel frustrated but don’t know where to go for help so they turn to doctors who put their kids on medication, even though they know it won’t solve the problem. One of the biggest challenges is for parents to know where to begin

In this program, we teach you how to feed your family without using the 3 most problematic foods in such a way that you don’t even miss them….and you don’t have to be a chef to do it! We teach the children how to have a healthy relationship with food.

You will learn how you can easily navigate being a busy, on-the-go family that can enjoy eating out without having flare ups. We take out the guesswork for you as the parent and caregiver because we provide you with kid approved recipes and all of the step by step teaching you need to be successful.
Parents can have the tools they need to do for 30 days to see what will happen.

Can we address this without medication? Can my child feel better?
How would it feel to be able to do something about it? YOU can do something about. That’s what this program is about….giving you the tools to DO something. We have seen the symptoms we have talked about get turned around because of what you will be learning.

There is nothing like seeing your child go from sick, tired, stomach aching to being full of energy with a clear mind and the freedom to be a KID and experience life at it’s fullest!

We have broken 4 weeks of training into quick daily lessons with simple action items. We have also included a Facebook community filled with other Mom’s and Dad’s who are walking this journey as well. A senior coach will be moderating the Facebook Group to help with answering questions, ideas and support.
Kid approved Cookbook of over 100 recipes you don’t need to be a chef to prepare.
Cheat Sheet of healthy ingredients to look for and toxic ingredients to avoid you can carry in your wallet so it’s always handy.
Games to helps the kids become involved in shopping and food preparation
Menu prep tips
Why 4 weeks? By making the changes we teach you, we have seen massive shifts happen and deep recovery begin.
By breaking it down in this way, you are making changes in small steps to minimize overwhelm. Change is hard! But one step at a time makes it easy.

If you have chosen not to join us in the program, please know we are here to help you. Maybe you feel like you need more individualized care to unravel what is going on for your child….perhaps we need to do some testing to understand what is causing this health situation for your kiddo. An easy way to check out what this would look like is to schedule a FREE Discovery session with a senior coach and get your questions answered. Fill out the discovery session request form and we will get you scheduled in.

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