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Barbara Woods


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Contact Barb for a free initial consultation to answer all your questions and to ensure that you feel comfortable with me. I offer personal coaching as well as a 12 week program titled Group Health Coaching for Renewed Vitality and Weight Loss. With diet and lifestyle changes, I was able to REVERSE my own asthma, Hashimotos, pre-diabetes, skin rashes and FLC (Feel Like Crap)! This lead me to take the intensive year long health coaching training program so that I can help others feel good again too.



  • ADAPT Functional Health Coach Training Program

$40.00 per appointment

Category : Health
Subcategory : Digestive



Elimination Diet Coaching

Appointment Length

0 hour 40 minutes

Service Description

Elminating trigger foods from my own diet has helped me eliminate symptoms of bloating, rashes, asthma, chronic cough and more. If you are ready to feel good again contact me for a free initial consultation.

I am a Health Coach, trained in the functional approach to wellness and experienced in helping people implement an elimination diet protocol to determine food intolerances and alergies.

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