Personal Health Chef

Winifredah Lungu

English, French, Portuguese
Online, In-person
Plot 67 off Palm Drive, Chelstone
Lusaka,  Lusaka/Zambia  10101

Professional statement

I offer Personal Chef, Health Coaching & Therapy (mentor/advise/help) in order to assist the client to achieve a balanced, productive and enjoyable healthy lifestyle in all areas of their life. (Body, Mind, and Spirit). In my own journey of healing, I discovered that one can heal wholesome & Naturally with food as a base because Food IS Medicine and is a fundamental part in overall health as well changes in lifestyle & proper mental health plus proper breathing techniques. Using the Functional Medicine approach to healing involves all the above and is critical so not only the symptoms but the holistic process is used to 1. not harm the person, 2. Find the root cause of the problem ,,3. Use the healing power of nature. ,,,4. Treat the whole person, 5. Teach the client about self care 6. Use preventive methods to avoid symptoms from resurfacing.

  • Pre-Commiss Chef & Feed The Planet Trainer for Sustainable Education for Culinary Professionals
  • Health Coaching Introduction
  • Introduction to Functional Nutrition: Clinical Solutions for Addressing the Underlying Causes of Disease


  • See LinkedIn Profile for full list of credential's

$50.00 per appointment

Category : Healing
Subcategory : Meditation



Mind and Conscious Breathing Therapy

Appointment Length

1 hour 15 minutes

Service Description

The mind is a powerful tool which can be used negatively or positively. Christian Meditation allows one to use the Word of God to renew the way the brain functions coupled with proper breathing techniques so an abundant life for a healthy body, spirit, mind may be achieved.

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