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Professional statement

Karenna Wood is an international fertility coach, founder of Your Fertility and a passionate advocate for more emotional support and information for women trying to get pregnant.

She’s an expert in mind-body tools and has supported over 1200 women all over the world in learning relaxation and stress-reduction techniques, relationship tools, mindset techniques and coping skills.

She uses a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, professional personal and relationship coaching, proven relaxation techniques and visualisation/mediation to transform the experience of infertility.

The Your Fertility Hub website, Your Fertility Toolbox app and popular podcast aims to help women reduce the negative impact of infertility and optimise their natural fertility through learning highly successful mind-body tools.



$199.00 per appointment

Category : Coaching
Subcategory : Health/Wellness



Fertility Coaching - Initial Breakthrough Call

Appointment Length

1 hour 0 minutes

Service Description

Simply fertility coaching has 2 aims:
Reduce the negative impact infertility is having on you and your life
Enhancing your body’s natural fertility using mind-body techniques. Fertility coaching can directly impact egg health, shrink fibroids, improve sperm mobility, reduce PCOS symptoms, reduce endometriosis and much more.
It’s simple, effective and it works

Fertility coaching is an exciting and innovative therapy which is highly successful in helping you feel more positive and in improving your chances of conceiving.

Fertility coaching combines experienced fertility knowledge, cognitive-therapy, guided relaxations and visualisations, positive psychology and professional coaching skills to transform your experience of fertility, assist your body and mind to be in the healthiest place possible and teach you relaxation tools and stress-reduction techniques which you will use for the rest of your life.

We change your mindset to be more positive, provide you with coping skills and (although it’s hard to believe right now) we help you feel calm and in control of your fertility journey.

We supercharge ‘YOU’ to supercharge your fertility

- a comprehensive pre-session assessment
- 1 x 60-minute call with award-winning fertility coach, Karenna Wood
- Follow up email with action points
- Personalised fertility affirmations
- Ongoing support for 30 days
- Free VIP access to 'Your Fertility Toolbox' app for 30 days - join our beautiful private community, access over 100 MIND+BODY tools for fertility and access direct-message coaching with Karenna through the app

Service Requirements

All calls are conducted via Zoom and we ask you be in a quiet, undisturbed place for your call.

Please come to the session with a goal in mind i.e. increase positivity, coping with IVF cycle failure etc.


Ques : What stage of my fertility journey should I start fertility coaching?
Ans : You can start fertility coaching at any stage of your fertility journey. Many clients will attend fertility coaching when they are searching for new ways to maximise their fertility and in addition to IVF (I offer a specialised coaching process for IVF) or other medical treatments, whereas others come to fertility coaching at the beginning of their journey. Regardless of what stage you are at, fertility coaching can help as it is tailored to the individual

Ques : How does coaching and visualisation help women get pregnant?
Ans : Visualisation is a key element of achieving any goal, allowing the mind to completely focus and deliver clear, healthy messages to the body. Through tailored and guided visualisations we can identify and work with the subconscious mind to create long-lasting changes, actual physical changes in the body and clear away any negative thought patterns or experiences which may be affecting your and your fertility. This is also deeply-relaxing benefiting your mind and body in many ways. The coaching means we are solution and future-focused and set bite-sized goals that you can achieve to get you into your most fertile state ready for conception. Fertility coaching with Karenna is really unique as it combines experienced fertility knowledge, meditation and visualisation tools, professional coaching techniques and positive psychology techniques to help you bring about change to your fertility journey. Through fertility coaching, you will feel informed, empowered and in control of your journey.

Ques : Does fertility coaching work?
Ans : Of course, there are no guarantees, however fertility coaching is very successful in firstly helping you feel happier, more positive and in control and secondly putting your body in the best possible place to get pregnant. Many research studies have shown that women who use mind-body tools / programs and practice visualisations have over double the pregnancy and IVF success rates.

Ques : What is the price of follow up sessions and how many will I need?
Ans : Follow up sessions cost $99. The number of sessions needed varies for each individual. All clients start with an initial transformation consultation and goal-setting session and a follow-up session as a minimum. Following that, further sessions can be booked within blocks of 3 and 6 sessions. Treatment plans are fully flexible throughout so we can respond to any new experiences or matters that arise during treatment. We will discuss the best options following the initial consultation.

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