Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Consultant, MSW, Herbalist

karen brennan

Online, In-person
4131 Bell mountain dr
castle rock,  co  80104

Professional statement

I am a holistic nutritionist that will work with you, beside you, as your advocate and guide you every step of the way towards optimal health and wellbeing. I do not believe in symptom management and instead believe that everything that is going on in your body is related. I also believe that anxiety, depression and ADHD are not diagnoses but instead symptoms of underlying root problems. For instance, while I support talk therapy, all the talk therapy in the world isn't going to help you if your depression is caused by an underlying issue such as a nutrient deficiency. I work with a range of clients but my primary focus is mental health, skin conditions, autoimmune conditions and gut health. I also see people that come to me with random symptoms, have seen many specialists yet still no answers, no solutions. I believe in an individual approach and making sure it is doable for you and fits into your lifestyle as well. I see in person, and distance clients. I use zoom or we can do via phone call as well. I keep supplements in stock but also use two online apothecaries to get you the supplements that you need. Testing can be ordered and kits sent directly to you and if it is blood work I order labs via Direct Labs which has lab sites to use all over the US. I am board certified in Holistic Nutrition and as of Fall 2020 will be enrolled in a PhD program for Integrative and functional Nutrition so that I can better serve you.

  • Certified Nutrition Consultant
  • Board Certificate in Holistic Nutrition
  • Certified in Herbal Foundations


  • Bauman College, Bolder CO - certified nutrition consultant
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals - Boarad Certified in Holistic Nutritoin
  • Sage Herbal School, Colorado Springs, CO - Certified in Herbal Foundations

$185.00 per appointment

Category : Teen & Young Adult
Subcategory : Teen Health



Does Your Teen Want to Start Feeling like a Teen Again and Enjoy Life? (90 Minutes for first consult)

Appointment Length

1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

We are seeing mental health and physical health issues at younger and younger ages. More youth are already on mood altering medication and this is sadly the new norm but it does not have to be for your teen. I work with teens and their parents (if under 18) to help them with everything from anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, physical pain, gut pain/digestive issues/IBS, autoimmune conditions, fatigue, PMS/hormonal issues and more. Our youth should not be feeling this way. A medication is only a band aid and often times these teens will tell me the meds do not make them feel better, just numb to the pain. There is a reason why our youth/teens are worse off than their elders ever were at this age. I will address root causes and work with you and your teen to come up with a plan to help him/her feel better physically and mentally, finally be able to focus in school, have more motivation, less social anxiety, be able to get back to their extracurricular interests and so forth. This is a team approach, meaning it needs not only my support but the parents are well in order for your child to be able to achieve these goals. We will develop a step by step approach that is doable for you and your child.

Service Requirements

Once I have your contact information, I will email to you the forms that must be completed, and then scanned and emailed back to me no later than 48 hours prior to this first consult. The consult may go over 90 minutes. You will have the option to continue the consult, stop at 90 minutes or covert payment over to a package of 4 consults. If you cancel 24 hours or less in advance there is a $45 fee for the time/lost consult time.


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