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Meet Your Coach Hello, my name is Benita Whitaker Cleveland. I am a retired high school counselor and Career & Technology Education (CTE) teacher. I have over 20 years of experience working with teens and pre-teens at my local church and in public education. I am passionate about the work that I do with young people. My youth have evolved into productive citizens in our society as entrepreneurs, educators, customer service representatives, claims agents, parents and more. Many have become life long learners to perfect their craft.I meet the child where they are at that moment by building a relationship with them. Once the relationship is established the child knows without a doubt that I care for them. I have learned that children will perform at their best potential when they know the expectation of their 'fans'.I am excited to take my passion for working with young people to the next level. If your child is having problems or overwhelmed with life; please schedule a free consultation with me. That's an opportunity for us to meet and determine if we will be a good fit for each other. If we don't work out; I can refer you and your child to another coach.

  • Certified Youth Coach
  • School Counselor
  • Office/Business Education


  • Youth Coaching Institute, LLC - Certified Youth Coach
  • Grand Canyon University - Master's Education - Curriculum & Instruction
  • University of West Alabama - School Counseling

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Category : Teen & Young Adult
Subcategory : Teen Counseling



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0 hour 30 minutes

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Free 30 minute consultation to explore our services.

~ What is coaching?
Coaching is not counseling or therapy. Coaching deals with the here and now. It’s a process of powerful questioning that helps the client look at present situations and/or behaviors that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. The coach then helps the client to set goals and formulate their OWN plan to move forward and reach those goals.

Coaching may center on helping kids through a particularly rough emotional patch, fostering their social skills or encouraging them to focus on identifying passions and goals.

~ When do I need to see a coach?
Does your child feel anxious or stressed? Do you argue about homework? Does he/she have trouble with friends or constantly fight with their siblings? Do you dream of more harmony in your home? Would you love to see your child display more confidence, responsibility, independence, and resilience? Is parenting more difficult than you ever could have imagined?

~ What are the benefits of coaching?
Life coaches help guide you or your child in developing a personalized improvement plan and encourage him/her as they accomplish their goals. A few benefits that your child may experience are listed below.

Overcoming anxiety and fear~Managing stress~Developing coping skills~Building confidence~Improving organizational skills~ Improving time management skills

Service Requirements

Please use the link below to complete the required information before our scheduled consultation.


Ques : What is your cancellation policy?
Ans : You may reschedule at least 48 hours before the scheduled session.

Ques : What happens if I miss a session?
Ans : "No shows" will be charged the full amount for the missed session.

Ques : How long are the coaching sessions?
Ans : The sessions are 45 minutes in length. However, there may be instances when we need to extend a few more minutes before we end a session. There is no additional fee for when this happens.

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