Health Coach

Celia Kinville


Professional statement

Hey! So happy to welcome you and walk alongside you on your health journey! I believe we all have the ability to RECLAIM and REJOICE in our health! I believe life wasn’t meant to be lived in a state of constant exhaustion and chronic pain. If you find yourself waking up depleted each morning, owned by your sugar cravings, lacking the motivation or energy to make changes, or plagued by digestive issues, I am ready to walk you through reclaiming the way your body was meant to feel and to thrive!By taking a holistic approach to health, I look at all aspects of your lifestyle and guide you towards building a healthy lifestyle that leads you to sustainable health and happiness. We look at nutrition, supplements, daily routine and mindset to build the program that works for you and reach your health goals. I specialize in coaching for gut health, blood sugar regulation, candida overgrowth, hormonal imbalances, chronic allergies, and chronic inflammation. By learning to build a healthy plate, creating a daily routine and focusing on a positive mindset I help you to reach your goals and REJOICE in your health!

  • Nutritious Life Certified


  • University of South Florida - Bachelors, Social Work
  • University of Georgia - Masters, Social Work


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Block & Balance by Plexus. Glycemic Support & carb control

Product Description

Balance is the most modern, technologically-advanced formula to provide glycemic support and carb control that Plexus® has ever created. With three distinct mechanisms of action, when taken regularly, each capsule can help neutralize some of the negative effects of carbs and sugars by reducing the enzymes that break them down, helping shield the body from some absorption. This, along with other beneficial ingredients, and diet and exercise, can help you focus on maintaining healthy blood glucose levels already within the normal range and helps support a healthy weight management^.*

What is Plexus Balance?

Plexus Balance is a technologically-advanced formula for blood sugar support and carb control. Balance’s clinically-studied ingredients help maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range, and help delay the digestion of carbs and sugars by reducing the enzymes that break them down.

Balance reduces the negative effects of carbs and sugars in the diet—like the dreaded post-meal sugar crash—and ultimately, it works to support healthy weight management, so you can reach your health and happiness goals.^*

Cutting out carbs and sugars completely may be nearly impossible for some people, which is why it’s important to maintain healthy blood sugar levels within a normal range, and to do whatever possible to minimize the negative effects of eating carbs and sugars.

The answer is Plexus Balance.

Hidden Carbs and Sugars

Hidden carbs and sugars are everywhere, and they can wreak havoc on your health, happiness, and weight management goals. Many American diets are (unknowingly) loaded with an excessive amount of refined carbs and sugars. These foods not only lack good nutrition, but they also have a high glycemic index, which makes our blood sugar levels skyrocket.

Unfortunately, this sugar “high” is often followed by a just as powerful “crash” (hello, afternoon slump). What’s more, these refined carbs and sugars are low in fiber and digested quickly, so you feel more hungry, more often. That can lead to overeating, which can lead to—you guessed it—weight gain.

How Plexus Balance works

Balance works in three distinct ways to help provide blood sugar support and carb control:
1. Minimizes unwanted blood sugar spikes by slowing the speed at which carbs and sugars are digested, so you get a steady release of energy into the bloodstream.
2. Reduces the absorption of carbs, leaving them undigested so they can be gradually broken down by gut bacteria, without releasing a flood of glucose into the body.
3. Helps the body more efficiently manage glucose levels, minimizing glucose peaks and valleys so you can avoid that dreaded post-meal crash.*

Plexus Balance Primary Benefits
• Helps maintain blood sugar already in the normal range*
• Delays digestion and reduces the absorption of carbs and sugars*
• Supports weight management*
• Reduces the glycemic index of carbs and sugars*
• Helps neutralize enzymes that turn carbs and sugars into glucose*
• Helps reduce calorie intake*

Who should use Plexus Balance?
Balance is for anyone who is interested in supporting healthy blood glucose levels. Balance is also for anyone who wants to slow the negative effects of carbs and sugars in the diet, or who want to reduce post-meal lethargy or energy crashes. Finally, Balance is for individuals interested in weight management and a healthier lifestyle.*