Autoimmune Disease & How To Heal

Originally published on May 15, 2020, 5 a.m. by Melissa Homner

Autoimmune. The Facts What it is. Loss of tolerance to self How it works in the body. Immunity is natural! Becomes disease when immune response becomes dysregulated & progresses to pathogenic due to continuous triggers. How it's reversed. The body is programmed to heal itself

Autoimmune Disease. The Myths. The Body Is Weak & Vulnerable. Myth: Body is weak & prone to developing disease at any moment. Immune System Attacks Body For No Reason. Myth: Autoimmune disease develops because immune system gets confused & starts attacking our own body. Unique & Isolated. Myth: MS is a disease of the brain; Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease of joints; Psoriasis is a disease of skin. Immunosuppressive drugs reverse autoimmune. Myth: Immunosuppressive drugs are effective for countering & reversing autoimmune disease. Immunosuppressive drugs should not be used. Myth: Immunosuppressive drugs should not be used with a Functional Medicine Approach.

Puzzle Piecing for Chronic Autoimmunity 01- One Condition, Many Causes 02- One Cause, Many Conditions

Interconnectedness Food: No nutrients Looks like toxin Increases stress Toxins: Depletes nutrients Impairs metabolism & detoxification Increases stress Stress: Depletes nutrients Impairs digestion Impairs detoxification Further increases stress

Inflammation is the root of almost all chronic health conditions. Turns to disease when the body's immune response to inflammation progresses to pathogenic due to continuous triggers.

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